"Two hours of pleasure. Lovely people, lovely songs and arrangements and with a leader that 'oozes' joy! What more could anyone want - well, the same energy that Louise has would be nice!!!!!"


I wanted to say a personal thank you for your boundless enthusiasm during the choir festival... we appreciated the huge energy and sense of fun you brought to the room!!"

About Me - Louise Blackburn

I am passionate about singing, music and community. Being a choir leader is an absolute dream come true for me and I try to ensure that my groups are friendly and fun. 


Musical Director of the thriving Voices Entwined.


Masters Degree in Music

Trained with the British Lung Foundation as a singing for breathing leader.

Qualified music and workshop leader with Quench Arts.

Qualified Arts Award Advisor.

Psychology and Sociology Graduate.

Teacher at the Howling Wolves Community Choir Festival.

Teacher at the Community Choir Festival 2020

Postgraduate Certificate in Social Care

Qualified Yoga instructor

Qualified Sound Therapist

Training to be a Forest Bathing Guide (Shinrin Yoku)

The joy in the way I teach is that I can set up a group of people singing anywhere...I just need a start note, people and away we go...soon to be carried away by the joy of song.  Please contact me for any queries regarding workshops or presentations at your society or club.