That week went by in a flash

In some ways running three choirs is not much more work than running three as apart as the planning all dovetails. I am running one song through all three groups and then a few that I keep putting into the mix. I am loving working with all three groups. Each one is very distinctive due to the different people coming to each one, the number of people and the spaces that we are using for the choir. The songs are pretty much the same across all of them though there are some differences. Every single group has achieved so much this week it has been a plesure to work with them and I have been whooping, hollering and jumping in the air. Tuesday Evening - Only the second week of this choir so we did a few songs such as hairy savages, then Land of the Silver Birch with the Canoe ostinato (bit that repeats itself over the top), Sloop John B (which is the song we are singing at the festival). We also worked on Soualle which went very well. Wednesday morning - Great meeting this week! We started on Hairy Savages (I love that one) and then Fire, Fire. We also did Land of the Silver Birch again with the Canoe Ostinato. Then we looked at Sloop John B which again was marvellous. We also did Gara Pana which is a Zimbabwean spiritual which was joyous! Friday morning - We started with sing, sing together and then picked up a very old round that is an oldie but goodie....Have you seen the ghost of John. We then moved into Three country dances which was a triumph!!! Then we moved further along with Sloop John B so all good as we bring it together into the final arrangement. Over 30 signed up for the community choir festival!!! How exciting!!!!

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