Daft, deluded but its all good fun

Let me assure you that I should be doing all manner of other things before writing this blog but I am drinking a green tea and contemplating the next part of my day. I have a cold this week. Its the first cold I have had in over 12 months (quite lucky). I did have a strange throat thing last year in May but while I felt lousy my voice was perfectly in tact. This has been a proper horrible cold leaving me with a gravelly voice. Lots of warming up and using a drkinking straw to reduce the inflamation has helped to keep it there enough to sing. My two choirs this week have gone well. Tuesday evening - we worked on FIre Fire, Ghost of John, Sloop John B and Soualle before closing with hold you in my circle Wednesday morning - we were cooking on gas (and with new members who did fabulously) Hairy Savages, Ghost of John, Sloop John B, Ji Wa Wa, Sin Je je je and closed with hold you in my circle. I am taking a group of people to the community choir festival and I aim for us all to sing Sloop John B so I am slowly teaching the parts to each group. I am hoping we can bring it all together with one fantastic performance. I am not sure if I am daft or deluded about that but it seems to be working out ok so far......

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