With three choirs up and running the weeks go by really fast! Its a real eye opener running three choirs. I did psychology at university so understand a little bit about group dynamics though I rarely apply it during a rehearsal as I am busy trying to hold harmonies in my head. Each choir seems to have its own personality, quirks, foibles and bits that they are excellent at. I love that but I now go into the each rehearsal with a rough plan but will go off copy if the group takes me that way. I have 33 people going to the community choir festival! How amazing! Excitingly though on the 25th March 2014 I am planning on one big super rehearsal for all the choirs to sing through our group songs!!! Eeek Eeek and Eeek!!!! It will be interesting how it will all go together. I will blog tomorrow about all the rehearsals this week.

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