Some new, some old

I like to keep the reportoire in the choirs quite fresh. Yes there is always a value in going over and over a song but from week to week I do try to keep things moving along. However sometimes its really enjoyable to go over some old ones. Tuesday evening is my smallest group at the moment but full of stonking voices and great commitment. We went over Sloop and we started Wild Mountain. We also took a look at Lilizela which was brilliant and ghost of john. A great rehearsal. Wednesday morning is growing in popularity and we have a cracking mens section forming there this week which supported all the amazing higher harmonies. We had a look at Lilizela, Young Rider, Ghost of John and I am a river. It was an exciting rehearsal and there is a lot of potential. Friday morning is the largest choir and we revisted some of the older songs, Young Rider was broken down into a three part round and it made some very interesting chords and was great fun to sing. We had great fun with Drunken Sailor and tackled a barbershoppy warm up which was met head on and sung in excellent fashion. I am a river was truly beautiful and with some fantastic singing by our very brave soloist Kay. A really great rehearsal with excellent work in all sections. I am so excited about the planned super rehearsal before the festival as I think the sound will be amazing when these three amazing groups are put together!!! Really looking forward to next week choirs as well.

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