Great fun

I am loving my weeks! i have such great fun. Right a recap......Tuesday evening, Some really solid work on Sloop which was brilliant. We also did Drunken Sailor which is always a triumph. We looked at Fire, Fire which is a great round and now I walk in beauty. its only a small group at the moment but by gosh you make a great sound. Wednesday morning......Again great work on Sloop - we also covered Drunken Sailor and then did some amazing work on Asalaam. It was all a bit marvellous!!!! Its getting all a bit exciting in Great Barr as numbers are climbing and we have a few men and songs are tackled straight on. Friday morning.....what a great way to end the week. We started with Heartbeat which is a cracking round and one I will bring across the other two choirs as its great! We did a bit of barbershop harmony and did a quite challenging warm up which we tackeld head on with aplomb. We then looked at Java Jive! It was tough but you could hear how it worked and i think it will become a real showpiece. We then did Asalaam which again was great and finished with a lovely circle singsong of Senwa Dedende and Fire Fire. A bloomin great week. Thank you everybody for all your work :)

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