Farewells, certificates and Bosnian Songs

It has been a good week. Crven Fesic has been a triumph across all of the choirs this week! What a fantastic and fun song to sing. Loved it!!!! Sloop is in great shape across three choirs and will be my main focus on Wednesday morning. Marvellous! I also gave our art award certificates to my Razzle Dazzle pupils this week. Happy days. Sadly we also said goodbye to the manager of Park Hall as she moves onto new things. Friday morning choir sang her Brand New Day which sounded beautiful. Its a great piece. It works as a song, as a round and then each line can be chanted and piled up with the other lines to create quite a dramatic end. The words are nice as well and seemed quite fitting as they were hopeful and not mournful. Tides of time and rivers of songLegends that whisper from days long goneRock of ages make us strongAs the years go rolling awayCelebrate the power they bringTurn to welcome strangers inCoast to Coast the bells they ringTo mark a brand new day,

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