Thank you to each and every one of you.

When I embarked in 2013 with my first choir in Park Hall I had four people turn up. Three of them I am proud to say are still singing with me. We enjoyed ourselves and everyone came back the next week and I was quietly hopeful that all would work out.

Since January and the opening of my third choir I sing with (on average) over 60 people a week now (including my childrens group). If you had told me this would be the outcome in January 2013 I would have laughed at you. As I come to a break at the end of this term I am consistently amazed at the skill and talent that I work with. We have learnt so many songs! Not just simple rounds but large songs. I am consistently humbled by the sheer loveliness across all the choirs. Such lovely friendly people. I come to each session with a spring in my step and know its going to be great fun. I enjoy chatting to you all, laughing with you and generally having a great time. I love the way you all just go with me, even when we are tackling songs which at the start hang in tatters of half learnt harmonies and sometimes mispronounced words from a far off land. There is nothing better when we manage to pull it all together and there it is! I refer to it as getting it up on its legs. Some songs are up and away quicker than others but the ones that stumble initially pay back in sheer joy at getting it right! Furthermore we also put together a performance package truly fit for the community choirs festival and standing with you on stage was such a proud moment.

This week has been a lovely week as it always is. Park Hall PM and Great Barr both did a great job with Wade in the water. It was my favourite for the week! Such a simple yet moving song with spine tingling harmonies. We also tried out I stand tall by Gitika Partington and I am looking forward to working with that one in the new term. We also did some old reportoire and finished off the term with great aplomb. In Walsall AM we did Wade in the water and again what a triumph of a song. I had managed (finally) to get Ho Yanna in my head. I have a real problem with Native America tunes.

We had great fun with it and look forward to bringing it to Great Barr and Park Hall AM in the new term. Anyway I hope you all have a fantastic Easter. I will be updating the blog about the workshop I am running in Great Barr on the 30th April in association with Leicester Sing for Water. Thank you all so much - it has been a great term.

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