Great rehearsals and launches :)

What a marvellous week it has been. :)

Park Hall Evening - an excellent night of gospel, Ghanaian, and laughter and fun . Loved it! A group that is growing in number and confidence. We were interrupted briefly by some ducks at the window. Spring was definitely in the air.

Great Barr Morning - we had an excellent week as we were singing at the official launch of the library that we sing at. Most of the morning was taken up getting the world song arrangement sorted. Its a great arrangement moving from Hebrew to Gospel to an old English round. Its really rousing and a joy to sing. We did Eriskay and Jamawaile and also

Park Hall Morning - a brilliant rehearsal! We did the world song arrangement and then moved onto a particularly gorgeous arrangement of Wild Mountain Thyme. I forgot all the notes for Hey Yanna at one point and we finished with a gospel.

Library Launch - I am humbled beyond words. Great Barr morning just sounded amazing and I received so many compliments about your singing and the general feeling of the choir.. Thank you for all coming and also making our member feeling so welcome after she has been off for so long. She absolutely loved it!

Mailshop - I have set up a mailing list. If you are on it then you should have received an email last night. If you are not on it then you can register on the home page or you can let me know at one of the rehearsals. I won't bombard you with loads of rubbish.

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