Children's songs, Chants, Prince and Beatles

Soooo its been a brilliant week, as per usual.

Park Hall Pm kicked it off in grand fashion. Some great work on Eriskay, Shendoah, and a fab arrangement of children's song. It was a great evening which started off my week with great aplomb.

Great Barr morning was also brilliant. I decided to try a chant from Nickomo called Om Gum. Oh my it was just excellent. click here for the link to the recording.

We also looked at Wild Mountain Thyme and a gospel number as well. We had a couple of visitors as well and they were fab.

Then I went to see Prince! I know this is a blog about the choirs but it really was a spectacular concert. An absolutely ACE performer. I was all togged up in my new purple dress and loved it. I did sing - very loudly- and I did not warm up first (ha ha).....I also am not sure my breathing was all that and I definitely was shouting more than making a decent sound. Singing Sign of the Times with Prince is my outstanding memory along with his performance of Purple Rain (of course). He sat at the piano and just trotted song after song out and then did a fab DJ set. It was immense.

So this morning I rolled up to Park Hall PM with a husky edge to my voice after briefly considering whether I could harmonise an unaccompanied version of Purple Rain. I decided not but I did however manage to get in a version of Hide your love away by the Beatles along with the chant from Wednesday and again the children's songs which has worked really well. We had a great rehearsal and we are all looking forward to the Chuckery Festival.

Last week for both Walsall choirs until after Whitsun so looking forward to it.

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