Laisk Eyes, singing and healing

Hi all

I apologise for the delay in blogging. As some of you may know I had my eyes lasered on Thursday! It has been miraculous - there are no other words. Sitting in front of a computer has been totally off limits! I have been able to use my phone at a limited rate but the computer glare was a total no-go. However our eyes are very fast healing. I assume it is evolutionary. Without your eyes you would have been a sitting target in more primitive times. Fast healing eyes would have won out everytime and so there we are. In less than 24 hours I was fine to drive and did Friday AM choir. Sorry for looking a little bruised and battered though.

Anyway it was a great week to end this very short term on.

Tuesday PM was small in number but mighty in sound!!!! I also did a recording which I will be posting today! Click on the audio/video page and it will be there soon. it was a fantastic night and we got up to speed on Om Gum which is now really secure across all three choirs.

Wedensday PM was a lovely morning. I cracked on with an improved version of Mayenziweh and got total lost in the teaching and we over ran the tea break - sorry people. Oh it was great though!

Thursday - EYES!!

Friday AM was something I was a little concerned with due to my eyes but I figured it would be all good. I got there earlier than usual and there were only a few people in the cafe but soon we were bursting at the seam. A few old faces came back and two new ladies as well. How fantastic!!! We did Mayenziweh and there was much whooping from me when it all came together. All in all a great rehearsal despite me looking like I had been in a fight. One of my lovely choir members informed me that we have a reportoire of around 64 songs!!!! How fab is that! Not all the choirs know then and some have only been sung once but what a great variety - happy days x

We are not on next week at Park Hall but Great Barr is running so if you are in desperate need of a bit of harmony then do come along.

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