Chuckery 2014

Hello all.

First of all I am sorry for the lack of blogging. It has been truly manic here with school holidays, prom planning for my eldest daughter and life in general.

Both Walsall choirs broke up for Whitsun and we started back last week with the deadline of the Chuckery Festival upon us!

I had worked most of the songs i was planning into the repertoire over the previous weeks but I knew it was still a big ask to get us performance ready in what was one rehearsal for each choir.

Tuesday PM just did amazingly well on our first rehearsal and I KNEW it was going to be brilliant. Wednesday AM also just pulled the songs out of the bag and by the time I got to Friday I was confident and very happy. The main issue was always going to be the weather and I think it was touch and go. However in my best "force of nature" attitude to choirs and singing we sang the rain go away song and I have to state it was a success!

It did rain in the morning but the stage was set up and we were not rained on at all!!!!

So Saturday came and people came and the rain stayed away and it was a brilliant performance. Full of fun, great singing, vigour, energy and amazing harmony. The sound system was better than last year and that is always going to be tough in an outside arena with minutes to set up.

We sang

Rain go away

Jamawaile - which was the best we have ever sang it!

Playground Song

Wild Mountain Thyme

Crvn Fesic - just fantastic, it really was!

Hey Yanna

World Song melody

We had some great feedback and I loved every minute of it and I hope you all did too! You were all fantastic and did an absolutely brilliant job! Well done!!!!!

Thank you to Chuckery Festival for asking us to sing again :)

Now onto our concert on the 12th July 2014! Its going to be brilliant!!!!!

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