Brilliant week

This really has been a phenomenal week! Tuesday night choir kicked off the week in great style with some fab singing, We worked through the songs so quickly and bought the newer members up to date with the world song arrangement that always goes down so well.

Wednesday morning choir was sounding spectacular! We started the Christmas songs for our singout on the 15th November and it went really really well! It even stopped raining for a while.

Friday morning was also marvellous with a nearly full house! Lots of people have been away and had stuff going on but everyone returned on Friday. We had a great morning.

Overall taking a rough headcount of numbers across all of the groups I think we are climbing up to about 50 members now!

I enjoy working with the smaller groups as I think it raises standards and stops people feeling lost within a larger group. However we do then have the wonderful chance throughout the year to sing within a larger group. While I did not plan it like that I have to say it is working brilliantly.

I will be starting planning for the community choir festival soon. I am really looking forward to that.

Thank you everyone this week for your wonderful singing, your friendship and your sense of fun and enjoyment. I had a great week and I hope you all did as well.

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