An update -eventually

It has been a very busy half term for me and I apologise for a lack of blogging. I always try and comment on the facebook site and you can find the link below if you are ever in need of up-to-date information.

All choirs started back with great aplomb and we started getting stuck into the Christmas songs with gusto! They have all gone extremely well and we have covered an amazing spectrum of songs from different traditions and parts of the world.

Unfortunately in November I caught a really awful chest infection and the choirs had to be cancelled for a week. I was absolutely heartbroken to do this but I literally took to my bed for a couple of days! Anyway I bounced back and it was like I had never been away. I had to rejig some of the Christmas songs as we had one week less to learn them but I was extremely glad I had started some of them in October!

We have been inundated with invites for singouts but obviously we are limited by people in the choirs time and also my time but we have still managed 4!

We sang at St Pauls in Great Barr for our first Christmas singout.

What a great turnout with members from all three choirs! It was a difficult enviroment to sing in as it was quite loud and busy however it was a great start to our Christmas performance. We received a lot of compliments and I really enjoyed it. it was also our debut performance of May you see Diamonds.

We then sang at Great Barr Library on the 6th December. This was a much quieter affair and I had only organised to sing 5 songs. We enjoyed it so much we sang five more. Brilliant!!!!

This is a video of us at the Library. Apologies for the quality of the video.

Then yesterday we sang at Park Halls Christmas concert. A marvellous turnout from both Park Hall choirs. We sang through all of our reportiore apart from one song and it was brilliant! We were so well rehearsed.

We received lots and lots and lots of compliments!!! Thank you all so much for coming,

Our last singout is as Pacfific Nurseries on the Chester Road on the 20th December. I think we will have a brilliant turnout and I honestly cannot wait. One more week of rehearsals but we are having a bit of a buffet at the end of every rehearsal this week to celebrate the end of what has been a brilliant brilliant term!!!!!

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